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We help companies understand, embrace and utilize business information. Our best strengths are the ability to listen and work with clients at the pace of their business. Some are prepared to move quickly, others need greater focus to understand, onboard, and apply business-driven data practices. We work with a variety of industries and size of companies. 

See It. Simplify It. Use It. 

We know that every day opportunities are being missed. Our approach to data and to people allows us to see things that others don’t. We want to help our clients seize chances and make the most of them, while helping them avoid potential pitfalls.

Business At The Speed of Data

Your business future depends on taking control of your data.  Business is tough enough as it is, but over the past decade, the volume of data, types of information available and the ability to make data useful has expanded exponentially.  

What does this mean for you? Data Genius believes that adversity breeds innovation, drives urgency to get organized and move with greater focus. 

Key Challenges with Data

● Falling behind with data practices
● Accuracy and integrity of their data
● Volume and sources of data are growing
● Analyzing and accessing data


Un-Complicate the Complicated.

Data can be confusing and, sometimes, hard to comprehend what you are looking at. We aim to provide clear answers to complicated problems enabling clients to manage their business more effectively through data.  

Working Together

Data Genius works harmoniously with our clients existing data infrastructure, tools and work flows. We offer a thoughtful and effective collaborative process; less layers and more effort invested on identifying and solving business problems.

Data Genius designs progressive, scalable data programs that provide effective access to critical business information for data sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your business interests and evaluation of your data ecosystem, from which we build your Data Playbook. 

Primary Services

Geospatial analysis & visualization
Complex & unstructured data analysis
Data cleansing, preparation and conversion
Business intelligence, reporting and visualization
Database integration
Data blending & enrichment
Forecasting & machine learning
Software development

Advanced Analysis

Machine learning methods
Automation and artificial intelligence
Cognitive engagements

Management Consulting

Data Genius offers a focused exercise for companies looking to formalize their data strategy and implement a sustainable data sciences program. For those just getting started, and businesses optimizing their data program.

Data strategy
Detailed business goals and success metrics
Data ecosystem review and analysis
Data playbook
Manage and support as needed


It’s nice when everything comes together. When you examine individual pieces of data on their own, they only give you part of the picture. Many types of data need to be well collected and carefully cross examined for the picture to become clear. 

About Us

Data Genius provides professional services and tools that enable decision makers to steer their business.  We see ourselves as an extension of your team; hands on educators, implementers and managed support.  At Data Genius we do our best to stay away from the abstract.  We follow simple truths...

We strive to remove complexity.

Reports are not knowledge.
Your data’s true value is its integrity

Organized data makes it accessible and useful for business leaders.

Data Needs Rules.
Rules protect your data's integrity and applicability.

Think Big. Start Smart.
First Identify proof of concept before scaling across business centers and assets.

Data Science is a Fluid Process.
Work is never done and there is always a need for continual improvement


Solutions for business. Providing advanced techniques and process automation.

Productivity Improvement

Complex Data Integrations

Custom Solutions

Process Automation

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